Friday, December 18, 2009

St. John Postcards

St. John did a lot of postcards in the early 1900s. This isn't all of them, and it is unknown just how many of these he did.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Another 1903 calendar.

Here's another 1903 Calendar.

Thanks to Dennis Kesler for the scans.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blue Book covers part one

Two covers from The Blue Book from October and December 1920.

Scans courtesy Dennis Kesler.

Blue Book and Green Book ads

Here are some St. John ads that appeared in The Green Book and The Blue Book.

Unpublished St. John - Oriole

This is an eBay scan of an unpublished St. John original.

World War I poster

The "bloody hand" WWI St. John poster is more familiar than this more attractive wartime rendering.

Osborne Calendar

Here is the front and back of a 1904 brochure St. John did for The Osborne Co., of New York. The Osborne Company was a publisher of calendars and art prints.

Thanks to Dennis Kesler for the scans.

Farm and Home calender 1903

In 1903, St. John did a calendar for Farm and Home. I believe these scans are from eBay, courtesy of Dennis Kesler.

Timeless Topix

Timeless Topix was a 16 page color comic published and distributed by the Roman Catholic Church in the forties.

The work St. John did for the comic is all reprinted in an out of print book titled Men of War. I'll add details about that book later.

Thanks to Dennis Kesler for the scan.